What’s Your Moving IQ?

Okay, this is just for fun, so don’t expect any extra brain cells when you’re done. On the other hand, it could possibly help if you are among those who go out of their way not to thwart tradition or invite bad luck.

So here goes. Based on various superstitions, traditions and expressions of faith and spirituality . . .

  1. The “luckiest” day to move is:
    1. Thursday
    2. Sunday
    3. Monday
    4. When the cast of “Ghost Hunters” knocks
  1. You should light a candle in your new home to:
    1. Bring in light
    2. Cast out darkness
    3. Find the fuse box
  1. To cast out evil spirits, you should sprinkle salt:
    1. In every room
    2. Across the threshold of your front door
    3. On your fries
  1. Put an acorn on your windowsill to:
    1. Keep lightning from striking
    2. Attract squirrels
    3. Give you something to eat with all that salt
  1. Walking under a ladder in your new home is:
    1. Bad luck
    2. Hard to do if you’re tall
    3. Kind of stupid
  1. Cooking milk and rice until it runs over the sides of the pan:
    1. Invites prosperity, wealth and abundance
    2. Makes a mess
    3. Gives you an excuse to call for takeout
  1. Move only when the moon is:
    1. Waxing
    2. Waning
    3. Beaming
    4. In the 7th house
  1. Painting your porch blue will:
    1. Ward off evil spirits
    2. Perplex your neighbors
    3. Lower property values
  1. Burning sage in your new home upon arrival will:
    1. Clear out negative energy
    2. Waste valuable time
    3. Take you back to the ‘60s
  1. Scattering coins on your living room floor will:
    1. Assure prosperity
    2. Forever mark you as a spendthrift
    3. Create liability issues
  1. Ringing a bell will:
    1. Invite good fortune
    2. Annoy the movers
    3. Scare your pets
  1. You should never sweep a floor in your new home:
    1. With an old broom
    2. At night
    3. If you can get someone else to do it

Answer grid: Always (a) and sometimes also (b)

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