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We all have relationships both personal and professional. To maintain those relationships in a positive way requires communications to manage expectations. This is true for moving companies, as well. Thus, we have put together a few thoughts that most movers wish you knew upfront to help your moving day go a bit smoother.

  1. Finish Packing Prior To Moving Day

It makes everything quite a bit easier for both parties if when moving day comes, the house is packed up and everything is ready to go on the truck. That way, the movers can easily access the load, make a plan for how they’re going to pack it in the truck and begin the process. If the movers are waiting for you to finish packing, it’s costing them time and you money.

  1. Don’t Pack Cash, Jewelry Or Prescription Medications

When both you and your moves have a ton of other things to consider, misplacement of valuables is just one more thing to stress about. Thus, it’s important to keep your valuables with you, so you know where they are at all times.

  1. Label Boxes With Their Intended Destination

If your movers are tasked with unloading all your belongings and boxes to their intended rooms, it’s important to label each box, clearly stating where you want them to go. This also will remove you from the role of traffic director and help the movers to be more efficient while unloading.

  1. Empty Your Drawers, Armoires And Desks

Be sure to empty out everything before the movers arrive on moving day. This makes the furniture lighter, eliminates risk of damage to stored items and assures movers won’t be injured as a result of sliding drawers and shifting contents.

  1. Try Not To Disappear On Your Movers

In order for movers to work, you need to give them the space to do so. However, you should be close enough that they can find you if they have questions or need clarification on where things go, what not to move, etc. Stay around the house and let the movers know where to find you.

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