Many home buyers on a budget face a tough choice — get their dream house, but settle for a less-than-perfect yard. Others are thrilled with an outdoor space, but are having trouble falling in love with the home. For those bemoaning a lackluster yard, don’t despair! Here are a few reasons to trek down to your local garden center and purchase a few deciduous trees. But remember, trees take years to grow and mature so put them in the ground now and you’ll get to enjoy the benefits for years to come!

Help the environment

One of the easiest ways to help our planet for years to come is to plant a tree. Earth’s natural air purifiers, trees sequester carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and emit oxygen in return. According to the American Forests organization, one mature tree absorbs around 48 pounds of CO2 per year and two trees can provide enough oxygen for one person to breathe for an entire year.

Secure your soil

Show your lawn some love and put roots in the ground! Trees can reduce soil erosion on your land by protecting it from wind and rain. Branches and leaves can prevent storms from stripping loose dirt from the area, and sturdy roots hold the soil in place. You’ll save some money in the long run by decreasing the amount of soil or mulch you’ll need to replenish your yard.

Save money on your electric bill

If you’re not already convinced to start planting, saving money might be just the motivator you need. The U.S. Forest Service estimated that carefully placed trees could save you 25 to 30 percent on your heating and cooling bills. Trees planted on the southeast, west and southwest areas of your home can block the sun during the summer. And in winter climates, they’ll drop their leaves to let the sun naturally warm your home. You can also plant trees over your driveway, patio space and other areas where you relax or play to provide some much needed shade. Bushes or trees around your air conditioning unit can also help keep the bills down. Just make sure you’re not planting near power lines or too close to the house’s foundation!

Increase the value of your home

While the visual appeal of a lush yard is undeniable, did you know that greenery can increase your property value? According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, trees can add worth anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to your home’s worth. Most aesthetic features of your house, like front doors and porches, can be easily upgraded with enough money, but mature trees take years to replace. Home buyers recognize this added value, and pay for it accordingly.

Check out the National Arbor Day Foundation to learn about which trees will thrive in your climate. Happy planting!

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