Moving Budget

Developing a budget for you move always shows to be a little complicated because of all the moving parts (pun intended) and it is easy to overlook some of them. To avoid any added stress during your next move, make sure your budget is well planned out and takes into consideration the following elements:

  1. Packing Supplies

An obvious important aspect to consider for your moving budget however, you would be surprised how many people tend to overlook some of the necessary packing supplies. Keep in mind boxes taken from other stores are often beat up and come in a variety of sizes, making organization more difficult, but also puts your belongings at risk should one come apart. You are better off buying sturdy, new boxes or tote containers to store your belongings in.

  1. Movers

Professional movers tend to make moving a whole lot easier by helping you load the truck and ensuring the secure transport of all of your items. Do your research before you hire a moving company, gather more than one quote and read up on consumer reviews. Spending a little extra for that five-star rated company might be worth the investment.

  1. Vehicle Maintenance

If you are moving cross-country, or even to another state, you will probably be driving your car for at least a few hours. Having your vehicle breakdown on the way would add unneeded stress to an already stressful day. So make sure you get the oil checked, tires rotated and the brakes checked before you embark on your road trip, however long it may be.

  1. Babysitters

Those of you that have kids know how difficult it is to do something while also trying to keep track of your little ones at the same time. Hiring a babysitter may be an easy solution while you work on your move. However, with rates running as much as $12 per hour, you need to consider how many days and hours you can afford to have someone to watch your children.

  1. Travel Costs

No matter your destination, you need to take into account travel expenses into your budget. This may include, but are not limited to, gas, airfare and cab money. Take a few minutes to sit down and figure how much it will cost you to drive to your location, but don’t forget to consider varying gas prices.

You can never be too prepared for your move! Thus, it is important to take into account all variables and potential curve balls. Moving expenses add up quickly, so it is better to be prepared for them, rather than arrive at your new dwelling with less money than originally expected.

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