Furry Friends and Moving Madness

A move often means leaving some friends behind. For nearly 80 million Americans, however, it also entails taking their best friend(s) — their pet(s) – with them. This can add to the chore list when changing location but is, of course, totally worth it when a beloved buddy’s security and happiness is at stake. If […]

Professional Storage

Picking the Right Company for your Professional Storage Needs

Sometimes, change can come quickly, and, if that change involves relocation, it can be hard to tell which is the cart and which is the horse when it comes to what to do next. This can be especially true in situations that involve temporary storage of your worldly goods. Maybe you need to clear some […]

Movers Warning

This Is a Movers Warning

There likely are dishonest and/or unqualified people in every field, but it causes us personal pain to hear of a moving company error or scam that leaves people at a loss monetarily and/or emotionally. There are a number of factors that drive consumers to make the wrong decision when choosing a mover, ranging from not […]

What’s Your Moving IQ?

What’s Your Moving IQ?

Okay, this is just for fun, so don’t expect any extra brain cells when you’re done. On the other hand, it could possibly help if you are among those who go out of their way not to thwart tradition or invite bad luck. So here goes. Based on various superstitions, traditions and expressions of faith […]


Getting Down with Downsizing: Part 2 A Checklist

Okay, so you’ve made the commitment to downsize and to getting started early to minimize the effort and cost of moving. Good for you! But where do you start? The following checklist features the usual suspects in what you usually can easily live without or could be useful to someone else. Clothes. Not only should […]


Getting Down with Downsizing: Part 1

The “tiny house” craze continues, with opinions split between true believers and those who believe you’d have to be crazed to even consider living in less square footage than your average prison cell. Though most of us won’t go to that extreme, many of us likely will face downsizing – that time in life when […]

moving in

A Dozen Duties for Moving In

So, here you are. Your move has been made. The boxes have been counted, the furniture is in place (sort of) and the truck has turned the corner, making its way to its next pick up or delivery. What do you do now? Assuming you put off your first option of taking a well-deserved nap, […]

moving out of state

What to Know When Moving Out of State

Each year, millions of Americans move to a different state, to tackle new jobs, seek more opportunity, be closer to relatives or a myriad of other reasons that keep relocation vans on the roads. Long-distance moves require a great deal of planning and preparation, primarily because of the cost and finality involved. Some things to […]

Holiday Moving

How to Make Holiday Moving a Positive Experience

The holiday season is upon us! For many readers out there this season is taking on a whole new meaning. Cold weather, rain, and snow does not keep a good buyer down. There are great deals to be had all year round. Buying doesn’t always happen on schedule. It can take weeks or months to […]

Moving Valuables

Somewhere buried underneath all that stuff you have to move, you probably have some valuable items. And by valuable items we aren’t necessarily talking about sentimental items that are priceless to you. In this case, we mean pieces that are worth a significant amount of money. Often times, these are antiques or perhaps high-end electronics. […]